Community-Based Economic Development and Revitalization Services 

Downtown Dynamics is dedicated to helping downtown improvement groups and municipalities to build their communities through market-based revitalization and economic development programs.

Our expert services support transformational placemaking – we help to create the desirable places where people want to live, work, play and invest.   

These places - which look beautiful, function efficiently and attract strong economic activity – exist by design, not by chance.  Successful revitalization and downtown management require insightful planning, attainment of funding, the effective organization of resources and persistent implementation, all coordinated to continuously drive results.

Our approach to revitalization and placemaking recognizes that one size does not fit all.  The uniqueness of a community – its people, assets and local character – serve as a foundation that we build upon to stimulate the transformation.  Through our collaborative approach to planning and implementation, a community’s essence of place is crystallized, leveraged and creatively communicated.  


Downtown Dynamics' Advisory Services

Business Improvement District Formation – the successful creation of these powerful economic development mechanisms involves a multi-step process of community needs evaluation, strategy development and proactive engagement of sponsors and various stakeholders. Successful BID formation also requires sustained campaign project management and financial modeling support, with compelling cost-benefit analyses for benefiting stakeholders.

Strategic Communications – creation of multimedia messaging to further economic & community development program objectives; expertise in crafting informative articles, newsletters, brochures, web pages, reports and presentations;

Businesses Attraction – strategy and program creation, designed for local markets, to gain new retailers, commercial real estate development and investment;

Strategy Development – effective strategic planning, catered to Main Street, revitalization and economic development organizations; specializing in Community Transformation Strategies.  

Project Implementation – efficient management of economic development and revitalization projects, based on industry knowledge and expertise;

Funding Acquisition - grant writing and fundraising to launch new projects and further organizations’ initiatives;

Market Studies – analysis of local/regional economic drivers: supply and demand for retail, office, housing and commercial uses, and feasibility studies for real estate projects.


Economic Development and Commercial Real Estate

Business attraction and retention programs


Local market analysis 

Recruitment of appropriate real estate development and community investments

Improvement District Services and Strategic Planning

Business Improvement District formation and reauthorization


Results-driven planning for organizational effectiveness

Program Development and Project Implementation

Implementation of those great ideas - to bring your projects to life.


Dust off that planning report sitting on the shelf.  We work with clients to prioritize  recommendations, activate them into new projects and reach organizations' goals.

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